The Parish Finance Group

St Wilfrid’s Parish Finance Group

Canon Law

Canon 537. In each parish there is to be a finance committee to help the parish priest in the administration of the goods of the parish…. 

 Origins of the present Finance Group

The first meeting was on 21st November 2018.


Andrew Dawson, Sam Eastham, Chris Murray, Geoff Thompson.

 Ex Officio Members

Eric Knight (Parish Accounts/staff), Fr Chris Pedley.

 Rotation of members

The Parish Priest selects members.

A strong link with the Parish Pastoral Council has been established through the Finance Group members Geoff Thompson (Chair), and Andrew Dawson. 

Regularity of meetings


Review of Parish Finances

Eric Knight presents the accounts at each meeting.

If the Parish Priest anticipates or receives a sudden and substantial expense beyond the norm, he consults the members, as necessary.

Fabric and Maintenance   

As there is no specific group to assist the Parish Priest on these matters, members of the Finance Group are selected partly on the basis of relevant expertise, besides finance & accounts etc.

Matters for the Agenda: 2018-2020

Renewing the church boilers (completed).

Church roof survey (completed).

Renovation of the Madonna & Child statue on the old site of St Mary’s Church, Friargate (suspended).

Renovation of Our Lady of Preston (completed).

Respecting donors’ intentions re the St Anthony Poor Boxes in the narthex: Local / Abroad (completed).

Seed Funding for Preston Citizens (completed).  

New electric cooker & sink unit in the Parish Centre (completed).

Assessment of the sound system & consequent refit in church (completed).

New Ambo possibilities in the church (suspended).

Renewing skylights in the Parish Centre (suspended).

Matters for the Agenda 2021

Organising the removal of asbestos from the garage

External maintenance to the fabric of the Parish Centre

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