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Life Ascending, previously known as The Ascent, flourishes in the centre of Preston. The members are made up of men and women who having retired from the stresses and strains of an everyday working life now have the time to come together to deepen faith, foster new friendships and at the same time reinforce and strengthen long standing relationships with each other.

The Group meets every Thursday in the Parish Centre, except in the month of August when there is a break.   Doors open from about 10.45 am when hot drinks, biscuits and/or cake is available. The meeting commences at 11 am until midday. This allows the members to attend Holy Mass at 12.15 if they so wish.

During the meeting the liturgy for the coming Sunday is read and reflected upon. Preston has the great advantage of having the guidance of a spiritual director, at every meeting, who is a retired Jesuit priest and the Group greatly benefits from his input.

The three aims of Life Ascending are:

1. Spirituality
2. Mission
3. Friendship

These aims are more than abundantly met here in Preston. The members come from different parishes around the centre of Preston and this adds to the cohesion of the group as information, of events and happenings in other parishes, is shared. Members look forward to these Thursday meetings which are informal, happy and humorous yet central to all is the gravitas of The Word of God.

In 2015 The Ascent Movement (UK) renamed itself as Life Ascending. 2020 was the 40th Anniversary of the commencement of The Ascent Movement in the UK with the first groups starting up in Maidstone and London.

Visit the website of Life Ascending here. Download our leaflet here.

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